1.9L Exhaust Kit

1.9L Exhaust Kit | Complete Exhaust System

1.9L Exhaust Kit


Price: $674.95


This exhaust kit will fit 1984-1985 Vanagons. Included is elbow to cat, manifold 1-3, manifold 2-4, cat. converter, 1.9L muffler, tailpipe, exhaust gasket kit, and exhaust hardware kit, but please note that all mufflers, no matter which brand, tend to have dents on the outside of the cannisters (these occur when they are shipped over here from Europe).. California has initiated a new rule regarding special catalytic converters. You can choose below for the regular 49 state Federal version or the California model which cost more. This kit does NOT include the muffler strap, it is available here.

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