Update 11-10 - Center Caps - Good news / Bad news - some center caps have finally arrived......but they only fit Syncro's. They are not deep enough for the wheel bearing caps on the front of 2wd's. At least we are making progress. For 2wd, we have not given up - please continue to be patient, we are working on making those. We intend to sell the 15" and 16" steel wheels for a long time and know it is important to have this finishing touch.
Update 08-10 - Center Caps - I apologize, but this was out of our control. Company in Germany claimed they had quantity requested; gave us a bill; we paid. Nothing but run around and excuses since then and now the truth comes out and they don't have but a small percentage of what they claimed. We are looking into alternatives but just being straight - this will take some more time.
Update 07-30 - All pre orders have been shipped or picked up. Still working on getting the center caps - the company we are getting them from is being quite difficult to deal with. There are still quite a few 15's remaining More 16's are on order for those who missed the boat on this one. We will post more details as they develop - at the moment it looks like April time frame for delivery.