15" Wheel / Tire Package - Rheins


15" Wheel / Tire Package - Rheins

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All that is left for you to do is bolt them onto the van. Set of 4 Rhein Alloy wheels with a set of 4 tires already mounted and balanced. Your order will include the lug nuts and bolts as needed for your model and a set of center caps. Both the Rhein Alloys and the Nokian Tires have more detailed product information that you may find helpful where they are listed separately on the site. We encourage you to read both.The Entyre is Nokian's fair weather 3-season tire, while the WRC and WRG3 are the more aggressive tread pattern 4-season tire. 205/70/15 is 0.7" larger diameter than stock for those who are interested in a slightly taller tire. For a lot taller we do offer the BFG 215/75/15 which is 2.2" larger diameter.  We have lots of wheels but limited stock on some of the tires listed.  Prices vary so please use the drop down menu below to view pricing and to pick your package. PLEASE feel free to contact us to discuss other variations to this wheel and tire package. here.
Here are the normal prices:

Rhein w/Nokian Entyre $1144
Rhein w/Nokian WRG3 $1244
Rhein w/Nokian CR3 $1340
Rhein w/ Michelin BFG $1484
Rhein w/Michelin Agilis $1464

***Since we include the lug hardware for free, please specify what vehicle type you are. 2wd or 4wd in the drop down menu.
PLEASE NOTE -  shipping quote will be less if we are shipping to a business address - signature will be required for delivery. ALSO - Whenever installing any 15" rims you must remove the two small set bolts that hold the drum to the rear hub while the wheel is off, otherwise they prevent the rim from sitting flush..
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