16" Eurolook / Tire Packages


16" Eurolook / Tire Packages

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We offer 16" alloy wheel along with a variety of Nokian tires and BFG KO2's. Here are those options: The popular Euro-look wheel - a wheel that both we and our competitors have sold for years - this wheel is available in an ET23 for 2wd models and an ET38 for 4wd models - combined with either the Nokian WRG3 or Entyre tire in 215/60/16 (225/60/16  is also available upon request but please note there is a risk of rubbing on 2wd's with that size if not used in conjunction with raised springs). The WRG3 is an all weather tire meaning that it is perfect for all seasons and weather conditions. The Entyre is not meant for snow or ice. This package includes mounting and balancing and new lug nuts and bolts. The WRG3 and Entyre are both XL rated - extra load tires.

We are now also offering this combined with BFG KO2 more aggressive mud and snow tread in 215/65/16 and also in that size with the Nokian Rotiiva more affordable but also a more aggressive tread.  (Please do your research on whether these treads are appropriate for your driving conditions and whether this size is appropriate for your model with your specific suspension).  PLEASE NOTE - shipping quotes are sometimes not accurate on the shopping cart shipping calculator. A rough guide on shipping is $100 - $150 range for western states - $200 - $260 range to the east coast. Shipping quote will be less if we are shipping to a business address. ALSO - Whenever installing any 16" rims you must remove the two small set bolts that hold the drum to the rear hub while the wheel is off, otherwise they may prevent the rim from sitting flush.

NOTE: These wheels, depending on the tire, will likely not fit in your stock spare tire carrier. Please read up on our oversized spare tire carrier to get more information on what might fit underneath your van or our rear swing away option.

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