80W Portable Fold-Up Solar Panel

80W Portable Fold-Up Solar Panel | Accessories

80W Portable Fold-Up Solar Panel


Price: $375.00


A convenient alternative energy solution for those on the move. Fold it away and store it in the carry bag when not in use, then when you set up camp just fold it out so your batteries are being charged. A stand is included so you can position the panel for optimum solar capture. Features alligator clamp connections on a 5m lead, has the charge controller included so you can connect directly to your battery without fear of over-charging, and is supplied with a durable nylon carry bag. Hard clear plastic face as opposed to glass - more durable.

Pmax: 80W
Rated voltage: 12V
Voltage at pmax: 17.3V
Current at pmax: 4.64A
Open circuit voltage: 21.5V
Short circuit current: 5.1A

Open: 1090(W) x 623(H) x 36(D)mm
Folded: 545(L) x 623(W) x 73(D)mm

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