And it also sure feels like we have turned the corner on another matter. As Vanagon enthusiasts we've all come to take for granted our treatment as forgotten children by VW. The relentless reduction in support for the Vanagon has been alarming to both Vanagon owners and those of us whose businesses focus on said marvel of engineering. But straight from the fatherland, a division of VW, focusing on Classic VW parts, has thrown us a lifeline and we are breathing a sigh of relief. So far we've got highlights listed below of items that we had previously been told were obsolete and did not expect to see again (at least from VW). We are anxious to see what else our benevolent hosts will surprise us with and certainly hope this trend will continue:
Fan Resisters

Mud Flaps - Front / Rear

Rear Fiberglass Bumpers - Center / Right / Left

Power Mirror Glass -Driver/ Passenger