Date: 02/24/2017


SEATTLE - THIS ONE HAS SHIPPED -  Pallet will ship during week of Feb27 to Mar03.  All aboard....Get your last minute additions ! We are excited to partner again with our friends in Seattle, Peace Vans, to help defray shipping costs. Order before end of February, and we'll pallet up everything and split the shipping costs with Peace Vans as a thank you. Peace Vans will coordinate with you on a pick up date at their shop in Seattle. Grab some heavy parts where the shipping cost has been holding you back.

ALASKA - THIS ONE HAS SHIPPPED - ........  Need one or two more participants to make the economies of scale work in our favor.  This gives fair amount of lead time so if you're close to Anchorage (which means within 500 miles to an Alaskan) then here is your chance to get bulky items shipped at a big discount.  Arctic Imports has offered to jump in and help with logistics.  Please make contact as soon as you can.  If you are from Fairbanks and willing to shuttle parts for others up there please make contact as you will get extra discount for your assistance. Make good use of cold winter - turn up the heater in the garage and get working on preparing the Vanagon for Spring travel !

CALGARY - tHIS ONE SHIPS ON MONDAY APRIL 3  Here is the big surprise.  We announced this one Feb 03, expecting to generate interest for April but it gained so much momentum quickly that we had 9 participants come together and it shipped February 22.  Shipping single orders (not oversize) by conventional shippers runs about $3 per pound.  Goal on these combined pallet orders is to get shipping cost closer to $1 per pound.  This order we got it down to $0.67 per pound.  AND we are already planning another one for late March or early April, so if this one did not give you enough lead time, then better start getting a plan together for the next one.

NEW ENGLAND - Just announcing this one now.  We are checking for interest in sending pallets to Portsmouth, NH area.  Folks, it will eventually thaw out and you will want to go traveling this summer so let's start planning.  Wheel and tire packages end up being affordable to ship.  We are also fine consolidating heavy/awkward items from Gowesty.  Let your money go further by lowering your shipping costs.  Exact dates are always a moving target.  We set a plan and then once an order gathers steam we will often move up the date, so best to make contact and at least express interest in being on the list sooner than later.  Portsmouth is far enough North for folks in Maine and hopefully far enough South for folks in Boston.