Date: 02/24/2017

UPDATE 10-29-17  All group orders done for the season.  Coincidentally all of our destinations seem to be in the North where Vanagons tend to hibernate for the winter.  We'll get these going again as Spring approaches. 

UPDATE 08-22-17  We have had a successful Spring and Summer of combined orders shipped on pallets to save shipping costs to multiple locations.  As it winds down for this year, we have one to go.  One more for Calgary !  Short notice.  This ship sales very beginning of September so please act quickly.  We'll start them back up in multiple locations in the Spring. 

UPDATE 06-19-2017  Home stretch.  We are putting the pallets together this week and preparing paperwork. We hope to ship pallets to New Hampshire and Calgary before the end of the week.  (Interest in Montreal was not sufficient this time around so that one is on hold for the moment).

  PALLETS, PALLETS AND MORE PALLETS –  We are always looking for an angle to save a few dollars and to make parts more available. Economy of scale applies when we can consolidate heavy orders for multiple customers in the same area. Fresh off of springtime pallets to Calgary, Seattle, and Anchorage, we are now focusing on New Hampshire, Montreal, and Calgary (again). What’s the appeal? When we ship individual orders to Canada shipping cost can be $3 to $4 per pound, and shipping cost to East Coast U.S. can be $1 to $2 per pound. When combining orders we often get enough bulk that shipping costs can often drop to 1/3rd that rate, and awkward, oversize dimensions become less of an issue.Wheel packages, Pipes, Bumpers, Exhaust Kits, Recaro Seats all become more affordable.Please make contact if you are in one of these areas and where speed of delivery is not the priority. For all three orders we are currently targeting June 15 to finalize. Please feel free to suggest other areas for consolidated shipments. Also we never mind grabbing product from Gowesty or other West Coast suppliers to include with our orders.


NEW ENGLAND - Portsmouth, NH area.  Vanagon enthusiast Peter Rhoades, owner of Hubbington's Furniture in Barrington, has agreed to accept delivery and coordinate pick ups.  Close to Portsmouth, NH this location is far enough North for folks in Maine and far enough South for folks in Boston. Orders need to be in by June 15.  PACKAGING

MONTREAL - For this one we are partnering with our friends at Garage VAPS in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu .  This is one area where we feel there is a large Vanagon population clustered together and where we have received a number of inquiries to include in our pallet plans.  Here is your chance !  Garage VAPS stepped up to offer facilitating delivery of the pallet(s) on your end.  Target June 15  ON HOLD FOR NOW

CALGARY - If there was an award for most pallet shipments sent this year, Calgary would be in the lead.  Two shipments already and we are shooting for a third  for around June 15.  Way to go Calgary !  Tony's Auto Service has been great to work with and all looks good for another pallet for mid June. PACKAGING  Please finalize your orders.