Alternator Cable Upgrade

Alternator Cable Upgrade | Alternator

Alternator Cable Upgrade


Price: $12.00


It has been our experience to find alternator output at the alternator to often be correct, while often finding alternator charge tested at the battery to be up to a 1.5v lower. Over time the section of cable from the alternator to starter (1st leg of the journey to the battery) develops high resistance due to prolonged engine heat exposure. We make a heavy duty add on cable to remedy this problem. 8 guage wire, battery lug ends, shielded with heat shrink. Do not remove the old cable, simply add this on top of the one from post on alternator to post on the starter. Note: easy to install on all 2 wheel drives - tougher to install on syncro models due to poor access to starter. PLEASE NOTE - this cable does not work with Gear reduction starters.

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