Aluminum Injector Fuel Rail / PAIR

Aluminum Injector Fuel Rail / PAIR | Fuel Line

Aluminum Injector Fuel Rail / PAIR

SKU: 025.133.317BILLET

Price: $75.00


It seems like the trend on all of the plastic coolant components is to upgrade to stainless steel or aluminum. Only natural to start working on this for the fuel system too as these vans are being kept alive longer than VW originally may have intended. Although we have had used plastic fuel rails available the past few years after VW stopped making them new, we have always questioned the value of replacing a failing 20+ year old plastic part with another 20+ year old plastic part (although in a pinch something is better than nothing). So now you have the bullet proof billet aluminum fuel rail / fuel distribution block with which to upgrade the old plastic one. Our rails are designed to have a minimum number of threads and every fuel rail is 100% leak tested before it leaves our manufacturer.
There are two per car. These are sold as a pair.  Order quantity one and you will receive two units.

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