Catalytic Converter Calif (w/extras)

Catalytic Converter Calif (w/extras) | Catalytic Converter

Catalytic Converter Calif (w/extras)

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Here is the Stainless Steel, California smog legal catalytic converter for your Vanagon! This catalytic converter will fit either 1.9ltr or 2.1ltr. The catalytic converter comes with a threaded hole for the oxygen sensor for the 2.1. For the 1.9 where the oxygen sensor is positioned in the pipe up stream from the cat, a plug is supplied to cap the hole.

Magnaflow California Air Resource Board Executive Order #  D-193-105

For some background - At beginning of 2009, California Air Resources Board started requiring a California only catalytic converter. Funny because (at least in our area) they did not make the emissions standards any tougher than they had been previously. What we can say though is that although we found our other catalytic converters to be fine, we have noticed that emissions do run dramatically cleaner with this unit. Good news for the environment, and if you have a van that you had been having a struggle getting through a smog test, you might be surprised how much cleaner it runs with this catalytic converter.
**Gaskets and hardware are included. On inlet side, the gasket you need is dictated by the flange on the pipe that attaches to the cat. If it is flat then you are fine with a gasket; if that pipe is beveled and only accepts a donut on that side then you still must stick with the donut and although it is not an ideal mating surface against the non-beveled surface on the cat side, we find it seals fine (we supply both gasket and donut so you are prepared either way). Very important that you use the copper self locking exhaust nuts that are supplied so that they will not vibrate loose.

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