Space is always limited here (yeah, have you heard about rents in the Bay Area !).  We love Nokian tires, but as time passes and certain models get phased out or updated to new versions, we get caught with some stragglers that simply take up space.  As we have not acted on these quickly, some have older date codes (production dates) although they are stored in warehouse with no sun exposure so we are not concerned about integrity but it still needs to be acknowledged and reflected in the price.  These tires are not listed on the site so if any of these interest you, please email us to work out the logistics.  Get yourself a full set where available (and pair with some of our wheels) or grab a spare if you already have a given model.  Here are the odd balls we are trying to move along with prices:

3 x 205/65/15 Hakka C  $75 each  ($124 reg)
1 x 205/65/15 WRC   $75  ($156 reg)

2 x 205/75/15 Vatiiva  $50 each  ($109 reg)

2 x 195/65/16 Hakka C $65 each ($154 reg)

1 x 215/65/16  WRC  $90 ($178 reg)

4 x 195/75/16 Hakka C $85 each ($154 reg)

4 x 225/60/16 Entyre  $65 each ($100 reg) (not the 2.0 - this is the previous version)

4 x 205/65/16 CR3  $90 each ($129 reg)  Simply overstocked on this one - good value