European-look Alloy 15 x 7

European-look Alloy 15 x 7 | Rims and Wheels

European-look Alloy 15 x 7

SKU: Eurolookrims15

Price: $125.00


15 inch Rims look great and handles much better than stock 14". This rim is made to fit all Vanagons - all years and all models. 15 X 7 ET 23 . Rim comes with center cap. Popular tire sizes recommended are 205/65/15 and 205/70/15 with reinforced sidewall - light duty truck tires or XL extra load designation. Also OK to run taller 215/75/15 on syncro models but not recommended on 2 wheel drive with these rims. Stock wheels take ball socket style lug nuts/bolts but alloy wheels require cone style lug nuts and bolts. Although we sell a set of lug nuts and bolts for $30 for the set, we will include them at no additional charge if you purchase a set of rims, if you request them. Good Lookin Upgrade! PLEASE NOTE: Whenever installing any 15"" rims you must remove the two small set bolts that hold the drum to the rear hub while the wheel is off otherwise they prevent the rim from sitting flush."

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