Fuel Tank Reseal Kit B

Fuel Tank Reseal Kit B | Fuel Tank Reseal Parts

Fuel Tank Reseal Kit B

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Finally back in stock - This kit includes the updated crossover pipe. VW had recently stopped making the cross over pipes but we had fittings made out of aluminum which will be a much improved permanent solution over the factory plastic part, and then we include a fuel breather hose between them. Kit includes 3 breather grommets - replacement cross over pipe - filler neck seal - sending unit O-Ring - and 2 meters of 5mm fuel hose. Buying in kit form saves money over buying the parts individually and insures getting all of the parts you need to complete the job.

This kit fits only 1984 and older Federal Models. Please also consider that during this job while jostling the gas tank, sediment in the bottom may be energized from long slumber and a little dirt may also drop into tank. Might be a good time to change the fuel filter while doing this job. For the kit with the plastic crossover pipe please click here.

How to Determine the Difference Between California and Federal Fuel Tank Models

Under the front passenger wheel, you can see the fuel pipe that leads to the
tank. On California models (Pictured), you can see a decrease in the tube size
(from a circumference of 7.5" down to 5") right after the filler
opening, whereas federal models, the tube stays a constant
circumference of 7.5" from the filler opening to the tank.

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