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Frankly, we are not in the fabrication business. As much as we would like to successfully design and produce parts, many of our efforts have been full of disappointments, delays and missteps. The most successful instances, however, have been collaborations with Vanagon owners or Vanagon shops who have already taken the initiative to design and produce a given product. It is best that we stick with what we know and do best - run the website and the repair shop - and when it comes to developing new products, then it is time to turn to you and work with partners to develop them.
We welcome your contact and input on products that you may have developed to improve on some functional or cosmetic part of the Vanagon, or to supply a part that is no longer available. Gas tank cross over pipes, 2.1 thermostat housings, radius arm bushing sleeves, throttle switches are a few of the items that are in the process of disappearing. We have no desire to ask for any exclusive arrangement. You did the ground work - you have every right to sell to whomever you choose, but our goal is to always offer as many necessary and useful parts as possible on our site for our customer's convenience. Please let us know what you have been working on. More than ever, we are in this thing together. Collectively, we need you to keep us in business, and you need us to keep your van running. You would be hard pressed to find a community of vehicle owners as dedicated, talented, and cooperative as you find amongst Vanagon owners. We look forward to your input.


NOKIAN TIRES ARE HERE NOT Nokia - Nokian - we aren't talking cell phones here, but the Scandinavian tire manufacturer gaining popularity and widespread acclaim for their quality, affordable, environmentally-friendly tires.

QUALITY - In the case of a Vanagon, this discussion starts with a tire that is rated correctly for the vehicle. Vanagons are supposed to travel on Load Range C tires - light duty truck tires with reinforced sidewalls - certain minimum weight ratings and appropriate tire inflation ranges. We all take risks in life, but why take one here unnecessarily when correct tires are available. There is a lot of information on the internet and lengthy discussions on various forums from Vanagon owners exhaustive research and experience. Although a few years old now, one of the most thoroughly researched articles on tires was written by Larry Chase on his roadhause website - Here is a link to the article - http://www.roadhaus.com/tires/guideline.html Although some of those tires discussed have since gone out of production, the facts about the Vanagon and tire specs have not changed. Now, specific to the Nokian tires, the ones that we are stocking will all be the load range C ones. Nokian places emphasis on exceptional grip under all driving conditions, efficient low rolling resistance, even wear, and a quiet tire.

COST - Cost is a factor, but not at the sacrifice of safety or quality. We have always been fans of the Michelin Agilis tire and although we still are fans of that tire, we are starting to cringe at the price as it has steadily crept up over the past few years to where they are now $184 each for the 205/65/15. The Nokian tire in the same size is $154 each - a savings of $120 on a set of 4. We are trying to offer a safe and appropriate tire, affordably.
We offer the following models and prices:
185R14C Hakka C for $138 each
205/65/15 Hakka C for $154 each
205/65/15 WRC for $156 each
Accuracy for shipping prices on tires is not always accurate with the website shipping calculator so we encourage you to email with your zip code for accurate shipping quotes. Shipping to a business address will save you some money and we require that someone be there to sign for delivery. Products are listed for your year and model under the "wheel and driveshaft" category and under "tires" and "rims".

ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT - You pick your tires because they are safe and affordable but it is comforting to know that the company making your tires employs green practices. Nokian Tires is the first tire manufacturer in the world to begin making tires without the use of harmful oils - they use earth friendly oils and they have earned the birch leaf insignia that guarantees the complete absence of toxic chemicals.

We like to give credit, where credit is due. Consistent with the Co-Conspirator article about listening to and collaborating with our customers, our decision to become a Nokian dealer began by the valuable research and prompting of one of our customers, Craig Bailes, who wanted a set of Nokian tires to go with the Rhein rims he was purchasing. Between his urgings, positive posts we had read on forums, and accounts from a few other customers, we felt a consensus had started to emerge that this is a good tire, a good tire manufacturer, and we wanted to be a part of making them more available to our customers.


VANAGON RUNNING ISSUES - SOME SUGGESTIONS We just want to highlight the fact that we have a number of resources on the site to help you maintain your van. You can view a variety of articles, tech tips, and various links under our "Resources" section listed on the top of the home page. We tend to get many people referencing the "running issues" article so we thought that we would highlight it here. Whether you are experiencing rough running issues or poor fuel economy, we hope that the article will offer you a step by step method to troubleshoot the problem and identify the culprit. Here is a link to the article Vanagon Running Problems


IT'S ALIVE!!  BUT WHY A NEW WEBSITE? Why change the website? Frankly, I hate change. I am a creature of habit. I'd rather wear old comfortable shoes, drive an old car, and use old technology. The old site has served us well for 6 years, but we can't ignore the fact that there have been many advances in website design over that period of time. Although familiar, the old site had a tired look and we are enjoying the new modern look (even if it is retro). The old site had become plagued with sporadic glitches in the shopping cart, so we are glad those will be gone. And the new site has simpler and quicker procedures for us to add and link products and content, allowing us to keep it fresher. From the customer's vantage, we have virtually all of the same products and info on the site - it has just been moved around. The only major change is our grouping vehicles into ranges of years and models as opposed to indexing them by individual years. We hope that you will find the new site to your liking and will give it a try. We have done our best to proofread the site and make sure that all parts are linked to their correct categories, but we realize there may be some overlooked, incorrect or missing links. We welcome you to email us with any errors that you may come across so that we can properly fix them.

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