Mefro 16 inch Steel Wheel

Mefro 16 inch Steel Wheel | Rims and Wheels

Mefro 16 inch Steel Wheel


Price: $121.00


16" Steel Wheels are back in stock !!   These are 16" x 6" ET30 German Mefro brand steel wheels which offer an affordable way to get 16" wheels either as a set or just one as a spare when you have 4 alloys.  PLEASE NOTE: Whenever installing any 16" rims you must remove the two small set bolts that hold the drum to the rear hub while the wheel is off, otherwise they prevent the rim from sitting flush. Please also note these wheels take a ball seat lug with different radius than the stock VW lug. As such we recommend buying a set of correct 2wd lugs or 4wd lugs for approx $50. The center caps for 2WD and 4WD are now available. NOTE - although we are very pleased with the wheels, we are not as pleased with the finish on them - it does seem that some are prone to peeling and chipping of the paint. If this occurs, we recommend just hitting them with sandpaper and spraying with hardware store rattle can spray paint.

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