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Mefro Lug hardware


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So, you are buying some Mefro German steel wheels (15" or 16") and you need some lug hardware in order to attach them.

Kit A - 2WD - This kit will include 10 lug nuts for the rear and 10 lug bolts for the front. (Please note if you are installing big brakes then the front wheels will be installed using lug nuts instead of lug bolts).

Kit B - 4WD - This kit will include 20 lug nuts.

All lug nuts in these kits described above will be closed ends nuts - open ended lug nuts need to be used if someone has longer studs (these nuts are available upon request).
Lug bolts have a 17mm head whereas the lug nuts are 19mm so please insure that you carry appropriate lug wrench.
Why these special lugs? You want as much seating area of the lug to come in contact with the wheel as possible. These wheels require a ball seat lug nut, but the radius of the ball is different than that you find on the stock Vanagon lugs which, if used in this application, would have minimal contact surface..
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