Transmission Selector Shaft Seal

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Transmission Selector Shaft Seal

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If you have transmission fluid leaking out of the side of the trans at the selector shaft, this is the culprit. You remove the shift lever with the ball attached.  You will find it easier to remove the shaft than to try to replace the seal with the shaft in the trans. To pop the shaft out, you put the transmission in neutral, remove the small housing that holds the reverse light switch and the shaft will slide out. Replace seal - slide shaft back in - put light coat of sealant on the reverse light switch housing and you are good to go. Reinstall lever. We now also have the new o-ring for the reverse light switch housing.

Someone shared with us some more detailed instructions that I have added here.
yes it can be done insitu, remove the whole reverse switch cover, 3 x 11mm M7 bolts, be aware spring pressure and there's a metal cup on top of a circlip on the shaft that may be displaced and fall out; remove the ball arm from the right side and then ensure that in neutral and you will be able to push the shaft through the box, when the threaded end is almost at the seal it will probably feel stuck, a gentle tap may be required
Don't rotate the shaft at all or you may move the selector forks and then refitting the shaft will be more difficult, if it's movement goes pear shaped you will have to completely remove the shaft and view the selector forks and ensure the gap is aligned to get the shaft back in and through.
Be careful removing the old seal as it is interlocked with the nylon sleeve and the sleeve can't easily be replaced insitu as there is a tang on the inside that stops it moving in and out so difficult to recover it outwards even though it is fitted from the outside.
when fitting the seal use a lot of grease on the splines and shaft - remove the spring while fitting, you will need a drift like a socket to get it fully home or almost home enough to stay in place, use the tip of your finger through the seal to guide the end of the shaft back into the sleeve and then as you are pushing the shaft back through the seal it will be tight and will be liable to be pushed out if it was not seated well home.  Then fit the spring, the boot and the ball arm.
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