Original Front Mud Flap Set

Original Front Mud Flap Set | Mud Flaps

Original Front Mud Flap Set

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Price: $114.95


These are the real deal - VW factory front mud flaps - limited supply. These are sold as a kit and include the left and right flaps and the hardware to mount them. In our opinion the quality of these mud flaps surpass all other ones on the market. These are replacement units for the mud flaps that VW used on the Westfalias to protect the propane tank and of course to prevent mud and water being sprayed down the whole side of the vehicle. These are perfect for you if your current ones are beaten up from years of use and abuse, but also great as an add on for vans not equipped with them, especially if you are running slightly wider than stock wheels/tires. Please note these bolt to a support rail under the van and have two optional alignment dowels that slide into two small holes on the body. The mud flaps and the brackets are quite sturdy so we have found that not using the dowels not to be an issue (especially if the body was not already drilled for them). If However you would like additional vertical support this additional hardware will be what you need.

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