Tiico Engine Conversion Hose Kit

Tiico Engine Conversion Hose Kit | Cooling System

Tiico Engine Conversion Hose Kit

SKU: 21C.300.002

Price: $475.00


Set of replacement hoses for tiico engine conversions. Many vanagon owners who do their own diesel conversions or own early 80's stock diesel models have also found this hose kit works for them. This hose kit is discussed on various Vanagon forums and we recommend you do your research to determine if it works for your needs if it is not being used for the tiico engines for which we offer it.
This kit now includes an extra hose. The S shaped hose is used on most Tiico conversions whereas the more L-shaped hose is used on most diesel conversions (both are included so just use the one that you need) - kit is not broken up but is only sold as complete set. The 4 hoses other than the S shaped hose are now silicone hoses - the S shaped hose is rubber. Hose kit will fit the 1.9ltr reservoir with larger upper coolant outlet, 025.121.403A

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