1.9L Hose Kit

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1.9L Hose Kit

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Price: $454.50


We've put together a complete hose kit for the 1.9 liter / 84-85 model vans (either automatic or manual trans). Note that this will fit the models with the H-Pipe next to the pressurized reservoir (the earliest 83.5 are configured differently and this kit will not match for them). The kit is comprised of a combination of hoses that are still in production and hoses that we have had made in silicone. The following hoses are included in this kit:







N.901.287.03 X 3



N.900.976.01 X 1 meter



26" of heater hose (please note that as more of the 1.9 hoses are no longer made in rubber, this kit continues to have a higher mix of hoses with more silicone hoses and the price continues to rise closer to the price of the full silicone hose kit.).

**Important note: This kit is designed to work with models with the long plastic coolant pipes (1.5" O.D.). If you have an 84 with the long metal pipes (1.25" O.D.), then you can use hose adapters to step up the hoses to the larger size. Final note - this kit is covers all of the cooling system hoses and includes heater hoses up to where the heater tees are alongside the transmission. If you choose to replace more heater hose to front or rear heaters then you will need to purchase those separately. We do offer them but we also feel that those rarely ever fail. We do however think it is a worthwhile upgrade to install more robust metal heater tees to replace the plastic ones when you are doing this job.

Please note that some hoses on the engine require removal of pipes and housings. Please inspect so that you decide how you are going to do the job and get necessary gaskets while ordering your hoses.

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