Hand Winch

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Hand Winch


Price: $269.95


Many different applications.
Comes in Heavy Duty Canvas Carry Bag
Compact, lightweight, corrosion free body
Simple to operate - Attaches to a tree or other anchor point
Excellent recovery item, even for those with Electric Winches
Rope Diameter 7/16" (11mm)
Rated Capacity 727kg (1,600lbs) Lift,1136lbs (2,500kg) Pull
Wire Rope Length 65.5' (20m)
Net Weight 44lbs (12kg)
Rated Forward Hand Power <92.5lbf (<412 N)
Max. Overall Size L 22.5'(545mm) x W 3.75" (97mm) x H 11.25" (286mm)
Efficient Length of Forward Handle 47" (1200mm)
Made by Ironman 4X4
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