Heater Hose Kit

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Heater Hose Kit


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This kit includes 28 feet of 5/8th heater hose, 12 clamps, 2x 5/8th heater core tees and 1 reducer and one straight 5/8th to 5/8th connector. It will replace both heater hoses from the short preformed hoses that go to the front heater core (under the dash) to the rear heater core tees, the lines from the tees to the rear heater core and from the tees to the plastic tower and metal pipe at the rear of the van. Since you are eliminating the now obsolete tapered rear heater core hoses with straight 5/8th heater hose, you will need to install the aluminum reducer (supplied) in the hose that goes to the rear heater control valve in order to assure that the front heater core gets the proper flow of coolant. This kit will fit all vans 84 thru 91, but 1.9ltr models you may end up with a little extra hose. (NOTE - Just to be clear, this kit does not include the hoses that go into the front dash and require removal of the dash. Those hoses are preformed hoses with required bends and as they are protected from the elements we have never seen these fail. This kit includes enough hose to go up to the unions where those preformed hoses begin).

This kit is now available with silicone hose and special silicone hose clamps.

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