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Rescue Kit


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We have a saying while racing sailboats, "What could possibly go wrong?". This is usually uttered just before a risky maneuver when it's really windy followed by a large wipe-out* This is the "what could go possibly wrong Vanagon kit" and includes:
Alternator Belt
Assorted Fuses
Accelerator Cable
Ignition Switch
9004 (stock rectangular) headlight bulb
This kit will work on 86 thru 91, but you will have to specify manual or automatic transmission below (because accelerator cables is different between the two). If you own a Syncro then order the manual kit. If your van is equipped with H4 headlight, we'll swap stock H4 bulb for the 9004 bulb. Just leave a note in the comments section while checking out.

*If you wipe-out in your van this kit will probably not help you!

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