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While some have questioned the security of information transmitted over the Internet, the truth is that our secure servers fully encrypt sensitive data for safe, trouble-free transactions. utilizes all of the latest security methods and fraud detection techniques to protect any and all information you entrust to us.

If you use Netscape or Internet Explorer as your Web browser (and are not using a relay or proxy), all transactions are fully encrypted and secure. If you use a relay or proxy, check your browser's lock indicator (usually a picture of a lock or a key) to see if it is secure. Credit card information transmitted online is encrypted while in transit, so that even if the information is intercepted, because it is encrypted, it is useless to a would-be thief.

The growth of electronic commerce has made the security of online information of utmost importance. This demand for security has fueled the continuing development of products to ensure the security of transactions on the Internet. Van Cafe is very supportive of these efforts and continues to implement improvements as quickly as possible.

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Van Cafe, Inc. shall not be held responsible for damage or loss of any kind due to your use of any product purchased at Our maximum liability to you is the amount you paid for the product. Products mentioned at are not necessarily endorsed by us. We do not make any warranties about the products in our store or the accuracy of our product listings. We reserve the right to limit quantities and to reject orders from dealers, resellers and customers for any reason.

Errors and Omissions
While has tried very hard to ensure the accuracy of the product information in our store, we are not responsible for typographical errors or technical inaccuracies. disclaims liability for misprints, incomplete, stale or otherwise inaccurate pricing distributed or provided by other parties or websites including but not limited to shopping, search or comparison engines or similar entities on websites other than In the event that another entity provides inaccurate pricing for any reason's price listed at at the time of order will prevail. Further, reserves the right to change its prices at any time without notice.

Secure Certificates
If you are experiencing problems conducting transactions on this site, you may simply need to upgrade your Netscape or Microsoft browsers. This upgrade is necessary because of the expiration on 12/31/99 of your browser's digital certificate, which allows you to conduct a secure online transaction. If, in the process of moving to the Outpost checkout, you see a box that indicates that your browser is not secure, be assured that your transaction is indeed a secure one. Users of Internet Explorer 4.5 or older need to upgrade their browsers to IE 4.51, which they can do at Microsoft. (More information is available .) Users of Netscape Navigator or Composer (4.06 or older) can either obtain free upgrades at Netscape's Homepage or order a CD-ROM (For more information, visit Netscape.)
Once you have successfully updated your browser, you can then proceed with your secure online transaction at We're sorry for the inconvenience.