South African Grill Kit Headlight Harness

South African Grill Kit Headlight Harness | Headlights

South African Grill Kit Headlight Harness


Price: $18.00


This kit allows you to quickly and easily add the new South African 4 headlight setup to any 1980-1991 Vanagon. For best results, be sure to use a properly designed set of headlight relays (80-85) (86-91) to avoid melting your headlight switch when running the SA Grill setup (if choosing to run higher wattage bulbs than stock).  Fabricated with high-temp ceramic H4 headlight sockets and factory color coded wires, installation is as simple as cutting off the original headlight sockets and crimping on the new harness using the adhesive lined shrink wrap butt connectors.  The jumper wires to power the inner high beam bulbs plug directly into the white multi-connector attached to the high beam housings.

Kit includes 2 complete headlight harnesses, all necessary parts for installation and complete instructions.
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