7 Color Solar Powered LED Inflatable Lantern

7 Color Solar Powered LED Inflatable Lantern | Odds and Ends

7 Color Solar Powered LED Inflatable Lantern


Price: $24.50


Every once in a while a new product comes across our path that makes everybody at the shop stop and say "Whoa! That's cool!" and the Luci Aura is one of them. This is an inflatable solar powered LED lantern that has 8 different color including white that is very lightweight, waterproof, has a hanging strap on both sides and has a mood setting where the colors will slowly change by themselves.

Features of the Luci Aura

  • Eight unique colors plus color cycling mode (red, green, blue, purple, yellow, cyan, orange, white)
  • 4 3/16"H x 4 15/16"dia. / 7/8" collapsed height
  • Frosted glitter finish
  • No batteries needed, just the sun
  • 150 ft2 (14 m2) lighting area
  • 10 LED lights / 50 lumens
  • Lightweight 4oz. (113 g)
  • Charges in eight hours of direct sunlight
  • Lasts up to six hours
  • Retains 95% charge/month when in storage
  • Waterproof IP67 rating
  • Operating temp: 15 F 122 F (-10 C 50 C
  • One year warranty

To inflate grasp the valve at the base and squeeze while pulling up. This will allow the the flap inside the valve to open allowing air in. Once you have pulled up as far as you can the lantern should be about 90% deployed. Finish the job off by using your mouth to fill the rest of the lantern.
To collapse squeeze the valve to allow the air out and push the top and the bottom at the same time.

Sold separatley.

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