Ketzal Seat Back Organizer

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Ketzal Seat Back Organizer


Price: $175.00


Ketzal Bags were developed during an eight month journey through Latin America and born under the shadows of the Volcan de Agua in Guatemala. Each bag is carefully handcrafted by a team of Guatemalan artisans in a small mountain town famous for its leather. 
We only have one color combo for the moment, the Brown and Tan, pictured on the left. Each bag is handmade from top grade leather. All pockets and attachments are double stitched using waxed heavy duty polyester thread. The elastic band is also heavy duty while still comfortable and is, like all attachments, reinforced on the bag. 
There are three attachment points to the seat to ensure it doesnít sag or swing while underway. Two metal rings, which you slide the head rest through, support it at the top. Thereís a single minimalistic elastic band in the middle designed to hold it tight without interfering with the passengerís comfort. And, at the bottom, thereís two straps to cinch it to the seatís hinges. 
A balance of big and small pockets provides enough space and variety for all your stuff without overloading the Ketzal. You can fit walkie talkies, a 40oz hydroflask, maps, a couple books, telephone and camera chargers, a knife, a flashlight or mini-lantern, or whatever other doodads you have floating around. 
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