2.1L Automatic Coolant Silicone Hose Kit 1986-1991

2.1L Automatic Coolant Silicone Hose Kit 1986-1991 | Cafe Specials

2.1L Automatic Coolant Silicone Hose Kit 1986-1991


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The road map for the auto trans hose kit options.

Kit A - this is the most common kit and fits chassis number 24 H 022 957 and up (most of 1987 and then all up to 1991 models) please order this kit.  On 87 to 91 models both hoses that go to the transmission cooler are 3 way molded hoses.  This includes both of those hoses.  This fits the vast majority but below are the other options.

NOTE: If you have installed a transmission cooler that does not use coolant then you purchase the manual trans hose kit (as the only difference between these kits is the hoses to the transmission).........or

Kit B - if you chassis number is before 24 H 022 956 (1986 and early 1987) then this kit has just one of the 3 way hoses and uses N.902.873.03SIL and a 3' length of hose 5/8" silicone hose from the coolant junction at the firewall to the transmission cooler. In this case only one of the hoses to the transmission cooler is a 3 way molded hose - the other cooler hose comes off of the coolant manifold at the firewall.

Of course to make this a little more complicated we will toss in another variable.  If you have converted you firewall junction to the stainless steel version (which we recommend)  251.121.438SSKIT then even if you are the earlier VIN number (1986 and early 1987), then you have effectively converted your van to the later model configuration and will need Kit A.

Feel free to call or email if you find all of this too confusing.

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