Sliding Rear Window Driver's Side

Sliding Rear Window Driver's Side | Windows

Sliding Rear Window Driver's Side

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Back from the dead this rear sliding window used to be available from the dealer as an accessory. This is a very high quality reproduction. The tinted panes are set in a black frame and has a black style OE style latch and like the original window the latch can be set in the open or closed position.

Available with or without the window seal below. If ordered with the seal you will save 10% on the seal.

Fits all Vanagons from 80 thru 91.  Please note that in models from 88 to 91 the vanagons come stock with a plastic vent and as such have a shorter window.  These windows fit the whole opening and as such the original glass and that vent are removed.  All Vanagons have the same size opening for this window.

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