Propex Propane Heater HS2000 Kit

Propex Propane Heater HS2000 Kit | Heater

Propex Propane Heater HS2000 Kit


Price: $745.00


The NEW Propex HS2000 heater is a forced air furnace fueled by propane that is thermostatic controlled. The Propex is very compact, quiet, has low 1.4amp electrical consumption, fast warm up time, and easy to install. This high output, clean burning heater will work with your Vanagon completely sealed and all exhaust waste combustion products will be vented externally. Instructions included. Although the heater comes complete with all hardware needed for installation in any vehicle, we also offer a helpful kit to complete the installation kit with items specific to the Vanagon Camper. Please click here to view the kit.
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