Gas overflows when you fill your tank?

Fuel Tank Reseal Kits

Gas overflows when you fill your tank? Odds are the tank vent system is leaking. We've found multiple areas prone to leaking so once the tank is pulled it is wise to replace all trouble spots so you don't have to revisit this job for 10 years. Try to run the tank down to 1/4 of a tank or lower before you start the job. Follow the remove and reinstall procedure in the Bentley manual. Once out, replace the crossover tube, 3 small grommets, filler neck seal, sending unit o-ring, and multiple segments of fuel line (6 ft in total).The kit does not include clamps because these lines are not pressurized and don't require them. When reinstalling, position the crossover pipe over the coolant pipes and as you reinstall the tank you reach in through the wheel wells to connect the pipe fittings into the grommets on the tank. We sell the kit for your year Vanagon! It will be in the fuel delivery category for your year and model.