Volks Cafe Big Bumpers

Exclusive to Volks Cafe!

3" Diameter Dual Tubular Steel Bumpers ERW (Rolled and Welded) .090 wall +/- 10%.

Front bumper includes bull bar for extra vertical protection. Rear bumper includes 2" hitch receptacle. Bumpers include all mounting hardware and plastic end caps.

Rear bumper is direct bolt-on. Front requires drilling 4 holes.

These bumpers change the whole attitude of your Vanagon along with providing extra protection. Stock VW bumpers, chrome or fiberglass are simply cosmetic as you certainly know if you have been in anything over a 2 MPH accident. You are adding some weight to the vehicle - With removing your current bumpers and rear brackets your net added weight is approximately 90 lbs. Small trade off for the improved protection to you and your vehicle.

Bumpers sell for $995/pair. Due to shipping issues, you will need to contact us about purchasing. Shipping can be expensive and requires careful padding and packaging. Certainly picking them up in person is the best option. Many places in California can be arranged for $75-150. For shipping out of California, the packaging fee is $50 and shipping by truck costs approximately: $175 to Seattle, $225 to Texas & Kansas, $300 to Massachusettes and Florida to give you a rough idea of shipping costs. (Ex. If you are in Florida, the bumpers would cost $1345, - $995 for the bumpers, $50 for packaging, $300 for shipping.) Please note that although these bumpers are modeled after the Projektzwo (Pz) bumpers, these bumpers are different. These bumpers come with the hitch receiver on the rear unlike the Pz, but they do not include diamond plate cosmetic panels which the Pz had. Pz bumpers are no longer available. Please also note that we do our best with the finish on these bumpers both during manufacture and shipping, but the finish is not guaranteed.

We do offer a bolt-on optional piece of diamond plate for the front which can be found under accessories category of your year and model.

Installation Instructions

Please email Sales@VolksCafe.com or call (831) 426-1244 if you are interested.