Big Bumper Installation

Remove old bumpers and clean. The front has two 13mm bolts on the front under the rubber strip and one screw on each end cap under a plug. The rear needs to be removed complete with the brackets from the frame rails, there are two 19mm bolts on each side under the car on the outside of the frame rails and a screw on each end caps. Note: on vans with the fiberglass bumpers there is a metal piece that sticks up on each side of the front that needs to be removed. The best way is to grab it with pliers and bend it back and forth till it comes off. Some vans have a tiny tow hook on the front that needs to be cut off.

Front Bumper

Place the bumper on the front and put bolts in the top holes if it has them (some do not), center the bumper as best you can. Mark where to drill on the frame rails for the bottom braces. Take bumper back off and drill the frame rails. Put on bumper and put the bolts in from the top with one lock washer and nut on the bottom. Now drill the holes for the bottom of the front mounting point and the top if needed. Install the bolts from the top with a flat washer and use a lock washer and nut on the bottom.

If you have also purchased the diamond plate for the front bumper then the brackets are held in place with the same large bolts that hold the bumper in place. The diamond plate is then bolted to the brackets. (Diamond plate is found under accessory category under your year and model)

Rear Bumper

The rear bumper goes on the same way the old one came off. Use the supplied bolts with lock washers. You may have to slightly bend the louvered rear valance along the bottom behind the muffler if it touches the bumpers hitch. When both bumpers have been firmly mounted to the vehicle please take you plastic end caps. With a large plastic or rubber hammer you will knock these into the ends to seal them off. This is a tight fit and will often require some grinding on the plastic to fit easier and some good hearty swings.