Hella Auxiliary Driving Light Kit

Hella Auxiliary Driving Light Kit | Electrical

Hella Auxiliary Driving Light Kit


Price: $99.95


This is a Hella Driving Light Kit to help improve the Vanagon's poor lighting. Works great with our Big Bumpers and with stock chrome bumpers ( a little more challenging to mount with fiberglass bumpers). Please note that a driving light gives you a straighter beam that projects further distance, whereas a fog light gives a wider beam to allow more peripheral viewing but less distance. This kit includes:
2 X 160mm driving lamp assemblies
2 X Protective covers
2 X H3 12V/55W bulbs
1 X Complete plug and play harness
1 X Illuminated Switch
1 X 12V relay
1 X Set of instructions
If you would prefer a fog light kit please go to this link:VC.HELLA.500.FOG
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