Fuel Line Replacement Kit

Fuel Line Replacement Kit | Fuel Line

Fuel Line Replacement Kit

SKU: VC.Fuellinereplaceme

Price: $64.50


This fuel line kit will replace all feed and return rubber fuel lines in the engine compartment, between the engine and the fuel tank, and at the fuel pump and filter. It also includes upper and lower fuel injector seals. New clamps are also included. This kit does not include the evaporative fuel lines above the gas tank - those are part of the fuel tank reseal kit. It does contain 4m - 7mm hose(30R14 rating rates the same as 30R9 with a new nylon interior barrier to prevent bio-diesel from soaking through) 2' - 12mm hose / 22 - 7mm clamps / 2 - 12mm clamps / 4 small and 4 large injector seals. (please note that since the fuel line needs to be cut into segments, your 4 meter length may be 2 segments that add up to 4 meters). NOTE: For SYNCRO models, it is recommended to get an additional 1 meter of the 7mm line, part number 1331172262. There is a little more fuel line between the tank and the engine compartment on the syncro models. You do NOT need the firewall fitting for Syncro models. Buying in kit form saves over buying the pieces individually and insures you get all of the pieces that you will need to complete the job. This kit is available with or without a stainless steel firewall adapter (please change selection above if you want the adapter).  

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