Fuel Line - 7mm (Sold per meter)

Fuel Line - 7mm (Sold per meter) | Fuel Line

Fuel Line - 7mm (Sold per meter)

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Sold per meter - 7mm Fuel line is the pressurized line for fuel delivery to and around the engine(30R14 rating rates the same as 30R9 with a new nylon interior barrier to prevent bio-diesel from soaking through). It is not the fuel line that is used for the tank breather system.. It is thick and high quality(labeled as 7.9mm but is correct fit on all Vanagon fuel injection fittings).  4 meters is enough if you are doing the whole car. Use the non-serated clamps with rubber hose. This hose is fuel injection rated (up to 225psi) - it is multi fuel compatible (meaning all blends of gas) and biodiesel.  Brand is Gates.

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