Bike Rack - Fiamma anodized aluminum

Bike Rack - Fiamma anodized aluminum | Exterior

Bike Rack - Fiamma anodized aluminum

SKU: 02093C01

Price: $392.00


Volkswagen T3 1980-1991 (Vanagon) Shipped from Van-Cafe not supplier.

This bike rack hooks on rear hatch. It is supplied with 2 rails complete with Quick connect strips and two securing arms (for position 1 and 3). This rack sold as this kit is complete to hold 2 bikes. You do have the option to purchase additional rail and additional securing arm (position 2) in order to accommodate 3 bikes. Use search term "Fiamma" to find additional Fiamma products on our site.

NOTE: Bike tire width up to 2.1" will fit in the seat, but if your tire is larger than that then it will not fit in the rack seat. Possible options are to deflate the tire partially until it fits, or you can experiment with some type of modification (we have not attempted any type of modification, and as with all products if you do make any structural changes the warranty will be void and you cannot return the product).

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