2.1L Automatic Coolant Hose Kit 1986-1991

2.1L Automatic Coolant Hose Kit 1986-1991 | Hoses

2.1L Automatic Coolant Hose Kit 1986-1991


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This hose kit will fit 1986-1991 Vanagons with Automatic Transmission. All coolant hoses are included from engine to radiator except for heater core hoses and hose part #251 121 104 D (this hose goes from long plastic pipe to the plastic water distribution pipe on the firewall and has a molded branch that comes off of it that goes to the transmission oil cooler- it is used on 1987 to 1991 models) and 025 121 062 F (used on all 86 to 91 automatic models, this is the large hose off thermostat housing and crosses over the transmission with a smaller diameter molded branch on it for the transmission cooler). Both of these hoses are no longer made by VW but we offer them in silicone. Please click on the numbers above to read descriptions on both and decide if you would like to add them. We encourage you to also purchase those two hoses in order to make your kit more complete, but because they are pricey and one is used only on certain years, we have left them out of the kit and leave the choice up to you. For vans up to chassis number 24 H 022 956 (mostly 1986 models) please order the kit with hose part number 251 121 130 A (which will include N.902.873.03.SIL from long plastic pipe to the plastic water distribution pipe as this one year uses it in place of 251.121.104D).  For chassis number 24 H 022 957 and up (mostly 1987 to 1991 models) please order the kit with hose part number 251 121 130 B. Please note that the hose kit picture is accurate from the stand point of shape of hoses but the mix of silicone v. rubber changes often based on availability and we now do not update the picture constantly to show that mix. But please rest assured if the kit is showing in stock on the site then we have the complete kit available.
Just to be clearer on which version you need to choose, the differences relate to the source of water for the transmission cooler.
1 - If you have deleted your transmission cooler and there is no need for coolant hoses to go to it any more then you go the "manual trans" coolant hose kit (because the only difference between auto and manual trans kits relates to hoses for the automatic transmission cooler).
2 - If you have an 86 or very early 87 model before the above listed chassis number, then one of the coolant hoses for your transmission cooler starts from the plastic water distribution pipe that sits forward of the firewall on the passenger side of your van.  This is a 5/8" hose and you will see one going from that part to the heater system and one going to the transmission cooler.  In this instance you would pick the kit with "130A" and consider purchasing 025.121.062F with link above (you will not need 251.121.104D).
3 - If you are the most common option which is majority of 87 year until 91 then VW switched to a different plastic distribution pipe and only had the heater hose coming off of it,  The hose to the transmiission cooler now is a molded hose that goes between the distribution pipe and the long plastic pipe.  This hose looks like a croquet mallet and you would purchase kit "130B" and consider purchasing separately 251.121.104D and 025.121.062F with links above.
If you are an 86 or 87 then using the VIN number cut off is clean and easy way to decide, but there is never as good as substitute than just visually looking at the distribution pipe and hoses in that area to confirm what you have.  For 88-91 this is not necessary as you will use the "130B" option.

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