Vanagon Headlight Relay Kit

Required tools:
Phillips head screwdriver, wire crimpers/cutters and 12volt tester

Installation Procedure
Remove the Vanagon's fuse block from the firewall under the left-hand corner of the dash by removing the two large Phillips head screws on the mounting bracket. The metal mounting bracket needs to come along with the fuse block to give better access to the space behind.

Next Locate the round grounding block on the firewall above where the fuse block was located. There should be some empty male spade terminals. Plug the brown wires from the new headlight relays into them. While there, locate the two brown ground wires from the headlamps which are terminating together in one connector. Cut the connector off and attach one female spade connector to each wire and reconnect each one to an individual terminal on the grounding block. This will improve the return path of the electricity from the headlamps. *Note* If there are more than one set of wires terminating together, turn on the headlights and unplug one plug at a time until the headlights turn off.

Install the two relay plates to the top edge of the fuse block. There may already be one or two fuse plates and one relay plate there. You can move whatever is there already so that you will be able to group the two new relay plates side by side. To move the relay plate or fuse plates release the two locking tabs that are holding them in their mounting.

Locate on the back of the fuse block the two red 12 gauge wires that are plugged to the two large male spade terminals on the fuse block. These will be on the lower left-hand corner of the fuse block. Just up from these two terminals are four unused smaller male spade terminals. Test them with a 12 volt light tester to make sure they have 12 volts present when the ignition key is in the on position. Run the red 8- 12 gauge wires from both relay plates to the terminals by using the female spade terminal ends crimped to the wires.

*NOTE* - For Safety reasons, you should disconnect the negative terminal from your battery after doing the test for power at the terminals if you feel unsure of yourself working with the electrical circuits involved.

Remove the plastic cover from the underside of the steering column, by removing the two screws and pulling the cover off, to expose the wiring to the turn signal/dimmer switch. Locate the 12 gauge white and yellow wires leading to the switch. Follow these two wires back to the fuse block. Cut these two wires so that the four resulting wire ends will reach the relay plates. Crimp the yellow wire from the switch to the shorter yellow wire on the new relay and the longer yellow wire connects to the yellow leading to the fuse block. Repeat this step for the relay with the white wires.

Now you're done and ready for a test. Start the vehicle and make sure the charging indicator light is out. Turn on the head lamp main switch. Activate the dimmer switch to see if you have high and low beams operating. Test the voltage at the headlamp plug if you wish. If everything is satisfactory replace the fuse block on the firewall being careful to position all the wires so that there is no strain on any of them. Replace the steering column plastic cover. Enjoy your new headlamp power!