Date: 04/02/2018

It is a healthy sign that off shoot businesses revolving around our beloved Westies are sprouting up and thriving.  It is really no surprise to us, as we know the unique qualities of our choice of vacation vehicle.  And as the Westy has become ensconced in our pop culture, it is only natural that families would like a taste of the freedom and excitement without owning the kitchen. Hawaii lead the way years ago with Kauai Camper, Aloha Campers, and Maui Camper.  Dragonfly Vans based out of Missoula, MT followed on with access to the Northern Rockies for jumping off spots to visit Glacier National Park and Yellowstone, while Rocky Mountain Camper Vans out of Denver provides access to the Rockies in Colorado.  Peace Vans in Seattle starts you right in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. And now welcoming Outwesty in our old stomping grounds in Santa Cruz, California provides great access to popular spots like the Big Sur Coast, Yosemite, and Napa Valley.   

You already have your Westy so you are covered.  But make the suggestion to friends and family.  Of course they would love to just borrow yours, but we all get a bit protective of our own so the rental option diplomatically let's Uncle Perry and Aunt Esther take a little vacation with their kids Rekker and Jezebel without us having to lose sleep.  Spread the word and let friends and family share in the fun.

Date: 01/07/2018

Van-Café is merging with Rocky Mountain Westy.Yep – big news to start off the year.For almost three decades, Van-Café has sourced the best in aftermarket and stock parts.For nearly two decades, Rocky Mountain Westy has been a leader in fabricating and manufacturing Vanagon accessories and Subaru engine conversions.The combination of these two Vanagon focused businesses gives you a one stop store for all things Vanagon.

Orders will ship from Rocky Mountain Westy’s centrally located Colorado warehouse.When you place an order, send emails or call, you will still find a number of familiar voices.A lot of thought and preparation has gone into the combination.What does it mean for you as a customer, and what happens in Santa Cruz?

Logistics and time-line…. As a customer, you will find Santa Cruz Van Café fully operational until Wed Jan 17, processing website and phone orders, shipping promptly, and sending out cookies from Pacific Cookie Co.We all then pack up our Vanagons with warehouse parts and caravan to Colorado (ok – so not quite how it plays out but I liked the image). A newly set up, state of the art warehouse in Colorado awaits these parts.Shelves will get stocked, staff will settle in and man (and woman) their stations, and business will be fully operational on Monday Jan 29.During the 12 day transition period orders will ship best as possible.We ask for your grace during this transition.Once reopened, orders will be back to shipping same day….and you get a chance to check out fresh cookies, Colorado style.

Santa Cruz – Our shop in Santa Cruz will be closing.We are very pleased that three from the team (Mike, Ralph and Lynnsay) are heading to Colorado to work in the combined entity.We are very relieved that the rest of the crew have all found good work locally.I am very appreciative that the whole crew has stayed with the business up until the changeover.And for me, Peter, although I will still be in the background when needed, there comes a time after all the years where I just needed to be out camping in a Westy more, as opposed to just hearing all of your stories.