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TerraPodz Running Light


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TerraPodz LED running light from Terrawagen. This running light is very reminiscent of the no longer available Projektzeo fog light and is a very stylish addition to your van. The running light is secured by the turn signal on one side and by drilling two holes into lower grill and using the supplied fasteners on the other. To supply power you use the supplied electrical tees and tap into the turn signal harness. Since your tapping into the turn signal you can set your headlight switch to the first position and use this as a day time running light and when on the second position these will be activated along with your headlights.  To keep expectations correct, these are not bright lights - when turned on with headlights on there is not discernible increase in lighting: when turned on by themselves they do not provide enough light to drive by on their own.  As described these are a daytime running light and they look great on the van.  We are very pleased with the product - just want to make it clear what you are getting.     
Everything you need to install these light is included except for a screw driver and a drill bit. This picture is shown with a smoked turn signal.

5 watt 1000 lumens.

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