LED Headlight Pair

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LED Headlight Pair


Price: $349.95


This amazing direct fit 7" round LED headlight is top notch. DOT approved so will pass all state inspections, low power draw with amazing light output, high and low beam functions, spot beams for long projection of light down the road. These are a great way to bring your Vanagon into this century, 6500K color, 36 watt low beam and 46 watt high beam. Lifetime warranty

Picture courtesy of Tom F. and his beautifully restored Syncro

INSTALL NOTES: These lights come with additional wires for optional DRL, if you wish to not use these simply cap them off and set them aside. Some South African grill kits that have been sold utilize a 7" headlight bucket system different than stock and have the mounting tabs built into the headlight itself, please confirm this before ordering these lights as additional hardware may be required to fit your Vanagon.

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