Muffler. 1.9L

Muffler. 1.9L | Muffler

Muffler. 1.9L

SKU: 025.251.053E

Price: $124.85


Good quality muffler - based on availability this muffler will either be Ernst, Bosal, or Ansa. We find them all interchangeable - they fit well - they last a long time, but please note that all mufflers, no matter which brand, tend to have dents on the outside of the cannisters (these occur when they are shipped over here from Europe). Please note when replacing the muffler, due to awkward bolt access, most people will remove the catalytic converter with the muffler as a unit from the van and then assemble off the van and reinstall as a unit with the catalytic converter. As such it is recommended to purchase 2 catalytic converter gaskets and a tail pipe gasket when you are replacing your muffler.

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