It has been a long time since 1.9's have been given some attention.....but those of you who are still rockin' the round light Vanagons are getting a little overdue love. We are pleased to report that the gaps have been filled on the missing coolant hoses (at least for the 85's). For 85's, every coolant hose is now available individually (whether it is VW Dealer product, aftermarket, or reproduction silicone hoses) or can be purchased in a complete kit. If you are an 84 then you have the added challenge of smaller diameter (1.25") metal pipes underneath the van as opposed to the 1.50" plastic pipes found on most 85's. Sorry to report that hoses for the 84's are likely not coming down the pike, but you do have the option of purchasing hose adapters to make the hoses that are available work, or if the need arises to replace those long pipes underneath the van, switch to the 1.50" diameter pipes and the coolant hose kit will then fit without adapters. Next up - exhaust brackets and braces - who would have thought VW would have put these back in production but lo and behold we've got all of them. The exhaust system is fairly heavy and the early vans utilized a fairly elaborate spaghetti network of braces to suspend it. Once one breaks it puts strain on the other braces and on the exhaust components themselves, so it is wise to address broken braces as they occur before it turns into a bigger expense. These pieces are all listed when you view "84 - 85 automatic or manual","exhaust", "brackets".