Date: 05/04/2017

Spring has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere, and many of us are finally basking in the sun.Those of you still catching the last few storms, don’t worry, relief is near. There were certainly moments this winter when the prospect of camping in better weather helped sustain us through some tougher weather than even us coastal flatlanders are used to. As the annual Syncro Fest gathering approaches this coming weekend, we have Vanagons from far and wide descending on our area.If you have not had the opportunity to attend this event or other Vanagon themed events elsewhere, you might consider putting it one on your calendar.You meet many likeminded enthusiasts and get to view and discuss all the cutting edge modifications and customizing that people do to their vans and can harvest ideas for your van, while having a good time.Theme for this sale – hmm – no theme – just lots of popular parts where we are well stocked, and had some room to gut prices so you can stretch your money a little further.Here is a sampling but please visit home page on site and click on sales for full listing:

Fuel Pump and Fuel Rails

Eurolook Wheels and Wheel Packages

ARB Fridge and Fiamma Bike Racks

Shift Kit Front and Shift Kit Rear

Gas Caps Syncro and 2WD

Inflatable LED Lights

Sun Visor Sets and Clips

Schwenk Springs  2WD and 4WD STD

2.1 Alum Thermostat Housing and 1.9 Alum Bleeder Junction

Bentley Manuals and Belt Kits

Exhaust Kits 4WD , and 1.9 and 2.1 for 2WD

Wheel Bearing Kits, Front Early – Front Late – Rear All

Air Compressors Early and Late

Gas Tank Reseal Kit Early and Late

Cup Holders and Antennas

Fiberglass Bumpers Front and Rear

Ketzel Bags and Floor Mats