Frankly, we are not in the fabrication business. As much as we would like to successfully design and produce parts, many of our efforts have been full of disappointments, delays and missteps. The most successful instances, however, have been collaborations with Vanagon owners or Vanagon shops who have already taken the initiative to design and produce a given product. It is best that we stick with what we know and do best - run the website and the repair shop - and when it comes to developing new products, then it is time to turn to you and work with partners to develop them.
We welcome your contact and input on products that you may have developed to improve on some functional or cosmetic part of the Vanagon, or to supply a part that is no longer available. Gas tank cross over pipes, 2.1 thermostat housings, radius arm bushing sleeves, throttle switches are a few of the items that are in the process of disappearing. We have no desire to ask for any exclusive arrangement. You did the ground work - you have every right to sell to whomever you choose, but our goal is to always offer as many necessary and useful parts as possible on our site for our customer's convenience. Please let us know what you have been working on. More than ever, we are in this thing together. Collectively, we need you to keep us in business, and you need us to keep your van running. You would be hard pressed to find a community of vehicle owners as dedicated, talented, and cooperative as you find amongst Vanagon owners. We look forward to your input.