HTS-1 Hall Throttle Position Switch Kit

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HTS-1 Hall Throttle Position Switch Kit


Price: $74.95


New Hall Throttle Position Switch by Shoebox Electronix. The Hall Switch provides idle and full throttle signals to your ECU electronically, as opposed to finicky vacuum systems, or mechanical microswitches. Your old grey cam is replaced with a Magnet Disc, containing two 4.8 gauss Neodymium magnets, which activate a Hall Sensor at the two throttle shaft end points. All components are pre-mounted on a double sided printed circuit board, which is tested individually with the Magnet Disc supplied with your kit. Simply remove your old microswitch, replace it with the circuit board assembly, and make two simple connections to 12V and ground with wires & connectors provided, reconnect the two wires from your old switch, and your installation is complete. We have even provided an LED to make adjusting your new switch on installation or later easier. Circuit is protected against over current with a resettable fuse, and isolated from your vehicles 12V system via a 5V regulator chip. All required parts, along wth a detailed installation manual are included, and we are providing a FREE Pocket Digital Multimeter to our first 25Hall TPS customers. This meter can be helpful to ensure you are connecting the switch to a working 12V point, and can also be a handy troubleshooting tool to keep in your Vanagon's glovebox. The Throttle Switch Assembly will be covered by our No Hassle TYTM Shoebox Warranty - three years or thirty six months, whichever comes first. As an added bonus, we are also including a FREE 3mm Hex Wrench for adjusting your new TPS. 

The vast majority of the 1986-91 air throttle bodies came with large plastic cams to activate the throttle switch and this kit works with those models. PLEASE only order this kit if you have the large cam style ((90% seem to have that style). Large cam diameter measures 17.33mm or .69" while the small cam diameter measures in the range of 13 to 14mm range. The smaller cam was originally only used on the 1985 models so as long as you are an 86 -91 with original throttle body this one should fit yours. You also might have a small cam if your air throttle might have been replaced with an older unit. (They will bolt up and function OK)

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