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Earthstraps Cargo Net


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The "Westy" net is our cargo net specifically designed for securing
loads within the luggage well of Volkswagen Westfalia & Eurovan
edition vehicles (custom sized for 68-73 & 74-79 Type II, 80-91 Vanagon and
Eurovan Campers with factory white tubular steel luggage rack accessory).

The Westy net has 5 interwoven elastic lengths forming a "checkerboard"
pattern. Each length-end has a 1-3/8" radius coated metal hook for a total of
10 hooks per net. In a relaxed position, the Westy net measures approximately
31" x 31" square and is capable of stretching to an area of over 80" x 80"

The Westy netís materials of construction enable the elastic lengths
to form around load surfaces without marring and carry enough tension to
secure most cargoes. The Westy net is the perfect solution for your
Westfalia travels...

At Earthstraps, every handwoven net you purchase on our site goes to help our Earthstrap manufacturing family in South America.  
Earthstrap Cargo Nets are made from reclaimed tire tubes and hand-woven into the most flexible and durable rooftop / small truck bed
securing solutions this planet has ever seen...  Earthstraps will work with any type of vehicle fitting to any style rack, basket, or bracket
including those on suv's, autos, campers, V W vangagon vans, Tuffy security lids, boats, rv's, atv's, bikes, etc.  Earthstraps form over
conventional luggage and odd geometries alike, are pliable and gentle on the surface of your cargo, have superior stretch properties,
and are tangle-free and ready to use whenever you need it (unlike nylon net solutions)!

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