Tune Up Kit for 1985 Vanagon

Tune Up Kit for 1985 Vanagon | Tune Up

Tune Up Kit for 1985 Vanagon


Price: $94.00


Save a little by buying our complete tune up kit. This kit will fit your 1985 Vanagon and includes cap, rotor, spark plugs, plug wires, air filter, and oil filter w/washer.The kits for 1984 and 1985 do not include a fuel filter. You should visually identify which filter you have for these years and order it for them separately. For 1985 models, we recommend confirming that you have the correct coil for this kit. When you pull the coil wire out of the coil, there should be a post or stud in the center of the coil's orifice for the wire to grab onto - if so, this is the correct kit (if not then you use the VC.84tunueupkit). Please also note that Bosch has started to sell these plugs with the normally unnecessary connector pre-screwed onto the end of the plug that connects to the wire. When you use these plugs with most wires, you will need to remove and discard these little connectors before installation.

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