Universal 2.1L Stainless Steel Junction.

Universal 2.1L Stainless Steel Junction. | Cafe Specials

Universal 2.1L Stainless Steel Junction.

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This universal stainless steel junction kit will fit all 2WD 2.1 liter Vanagons regardless of which type of junction the van is equipped. Take the guess work out of trying to determine what junction your cooling system has and enjoy the longevity of stainless steel instead of plastic! The manual trans kit will include the stainless steel junction and the two hoses and four clamps. The 1986 automatic transmission kit will also include the tee and additional clamps for the hose that goes to the transmission cooler as those transmission cooler hoses come off of this junction.  On 1987 to 1991 automatics, the cooler hoses branch off of hoses in that area instead of off of the junction so on those models you actually get the manual transmission version (and save  a few dollars). 

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